Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oh No! The Economy! Fuck the economy!!!

It seems that I can't get through a day without hearing someone talk about the economy. "Dear God in Heaven. The economy ate my sister and fucked my dad!!!" or something to that extent. I'm no genius in economics by any means but doesn't the economy get better when people are buying more and more shit, creating more business for people to make more money so they can by more shit and so fourth? So why are these businesses starting their ads with "The Economy got you down?" or "We know times are tough...". I know that they are capitalizing on the situation by saying their business is undercutting prices of dildos or whatever, but in reality, their scaring the shit out of everybody, creating an already shitty sandwich into an even more shittier, more crispy sandwich with diarrhea sauce. The more you hear the economy sucks, the more your going to hold on to your money and not spend, creating a gaping anus of an economy. Sure the government can cover up the aliens but they can't seem to keep a lid on this.......C'mon Obama.


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