Tuesday, May 12, 2009


So remember what your parents tell you all the time? "Just be responsible and everything will be all right". Well guess what? It won't be all right because shit happens and it doesn't matter if your responsible or just that unlucky guy that crossed the street at the wrong time, getting splattered by a school bus filled with fat kids. With that said, I just need to get something off my chest......SILVER STATE SCHOOLS CREDIT UNION!!!!! I HOPE YOU ALL ARE SENT STRAIGHT TO HELL AND GET RAPED IN ALL OF YOUR ORIFICES INCLUDING THE EAR!!!! YOU STOLE MONEY FROM ME YOU FUCKING GREEDY THIEVES!! AND SINCE I CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT, I WILL JUST CURSE YOU. FUCKIN MITCH!!! YEAH YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE YOU SON OF A BITCH. 
mmmmm.....that felt good. If you really want to know what happened thats gotten me so upset, then I will explain.
Rents due. So like a responsible member of society, I go to the bank to deposit my room mates money as well as my half of the rent. (I'm in charge of collecting the rent and giving a big check to our land lord. Believe me this is the easiest way. Don't judge me.) I deposited 800$ in cash and one 400$ check then left. As I checked my bank account online, I noticed that a hold was put on the check that was deposited. Like a responsible member of society, I called the bank to ask them to release the hold on the check because if they didn't, the rent check and all the other bills that were due would put me in the negative. They responded kindly and said they would look into the matter and calll me back. No call back. I called them the next day and presented the same situation, this time to another teller. Again, the response was pleasant and reassured me that it will be handled with a call back. No call back. Now three days have passed, and all my bills went through, and who would of guessed it? I'm -100 dollars in the bank and owe 2 overdraft charges. Now as you can no doubt guess. IM FUCKING PISSED!!! I call back as soon as I see this to get some teller who obviously doesn't deserve to have a job that requires spelling or basic math. "Can I get someone who can fucking help me please?", I ask. She puts on her supervisor, Mitch. OH FUCKING MITCH....I tell good ol' Mitch the situation and he proceeds to tell me that that their policy is that if you deposit a check more than 200$, the bank holds it for about a week unless you tell them to fax it to a certain branch to get the funds released........"Well I didn't know that," I say. "I'm sorry sir but I can only reverse one of the fees due to the situation".  Why just one of the fees? Why not both of them? Pardon my logic here, but if I get two fees because of the same problem, shouldn't both of them be reversed? Also, I've been calling and calling basically warning you people that this was going to happen! I can't believe it. I'm being punished for being responsible, for doing what I was supposed to do. I get it now. I get how people can be pushed to massacre a whole post office. I don't condone it, but I get it. So now I am -70 in the bank and owe one fee. Great. THANKS FOR MEETING ME HALF WAY THERE YOU FUCKING THIEVES!!!!! I HOPE THAT THE DEPRESSION TAKES YOU ASSHOLES OUT NEXT!!! THEN AFTER BEING JOBLESSS WITH NOWHERE TO TURN TO, I WILL SHIT ON YOU AFTER EATING NOTHING BUT BRATWURST AND CHEESE!!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!


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