Monday, June 22, 2009

Another Political Opinion.......

Ok, I swear this is going to be my last blog about politics or anything relating to politics (at least till we elect Jesse "the body" Ventura for President). Apparently everyone is pooping their pants about the new healthcare reform that Mr. Obama is instating. OH MY GOD SOCIALISM!!!! THE FUNDAMENTALS OF CAPITALISM ARE CRUMBLNG!!!! Shit like that. Stop.....Just please stop. Our country is going to be fine. We can all calm down. It seems to me that our presidents, NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE, all suck and get it wrong. Democrat, Republican, Black, White, Retarded, or Not-so Retarded . Name me one president that, in your life time, actually did EVERYTHING right. I say "in your life time" because the pages of history fade peoples opinions of past presidents. So just enjoy the ride. The president is not going to turn our country into a socialist or communist country. If Bush couldn't do it, what makes you think that this one can? And FUCK, at least he's doing shit. Changing the country up a little may help because for the love of shitballs everywhere, the past policies really have done so much for us haven't they?


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