Monday, June 8, 2009

The Customers's always fuagsfgakhjllduiajlnajk.......

Sorry it's been a while since my last posting, but enough time has passed for me to build up enough anger to say this. THE CUSTOMER IS A BIG FAT IDIOT. 
Seriously folks. I'm positive that people have taken that saying, "The Customers always right" way too fuckin serious. Lets just say that that line is correct. Here's an example of why it's such an idiotic saying: A customer walks to a hot dog stand, looks at the menu and realizes that this hot dog stand is NOT selling Ceaser Salad Croute Soup that mother always made. The customer asks Abdul-Muhaimin Kareem, whose been in the beautiful fat america for 5 minutes, if he can make him one. To the customers dismay, Abdul-Muhaimin Kareem cant make him his delicious Ceaser Salad Croute Soup BECAUSE ITS A MOTHER FUCKING HOT DOG STAND YOU FUCKING STUPID FUCK!!!!!!! IF ITS NOT ON THE GODDAMN MENU THEN DONT FUCKING ORDER IT YOU DIPSHIT DONKEY FUCK DOUCHE HOLE!!!! AND HURRY UP WITH THE FUCKING ORDER YOU GOT PEOPLE BEHIND YOU, YOU SELF INDULGENT PRICK!!!! 

In conclusion, have fuckin common sense people. Look at the menu and choose your food. Dont try to be creative and waste everybody's fuckin time making Creme' o Shitty Fuck Fuck. Have some respect for those making less than you and be happy you live in a country that lets you eat at all. Selfish Prick.


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