Friday, July 10, 2009

Music elitists don't know shit!

OC Remix I'm calling you out. The judges on this website are a bunch of failed music know-it-alls. Let me explain what this website does for those of you that don't know. OC Remix is a videogame remix website that accepts remixes from musicians all over the world. They have a select group of judges that approve your remix and put it on their website. It is free and you can download any remix completely free. So if you like videogame music like I do, go and check it out. If you want to make a videogame remix of your own, STAY AWAY. Don't do it. They will deny you. It doesn't matter if it's good or not. They have nothing better to do then to make themselves feel better by saying they know more about music than you do. You don't believe me? Here's what one judge said to my friend who recently sent his remix in:

"Your remix has 46.7 % of the original song from the game. We need there to be a 50/50 ratio of the orginal and arrangement."

Bullshit. What the fuck is this asshole talking about!? Where did he come up with that? Does he have a dueling music calculator!? 46.7%?!!! REALLY!!?? The time and sweat put into these songs is grueling. These people who make these remixes love the games and are grateful for the memories they created. They get so much great joy feeling like they are apart of something greater like being a part of a community. They don't get paid anything. They just want to be apart of something they love by doing something they're good at. But here comes this know- it all fuckfaced bastard and says shit like "I'm a judge. I'm better than you. I went to school for music and failed a real job in the music business so I take my anger out on you". Well, I have something to say to these music nazis. You don't know shit. What right do you have to judge other peoples vision of a song that's completely downloaded for free? Oh so you can play a song that changes key 7 times and the time signature changes from 11/8 to 17/16? Nobody cares. Your mom doesn't care and neither do the people who listened to it. That doesn't give you the right to judge other remixes you real music business-failing son of a bitch. You are a music Nazi and no better than a regular Nazi. You have no business doing anything musical. Instead you should be with the Taliban, fucking goats and getting killed by our Military. FUCK YOU.


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