Friday, June 12, 2009

"Hey, let's sit outside to eat!" ............"Hey, eat a dick."

Yeah, thats sound like a great Idea! Let's sit out in 102 degree weather with 90% humidity while we swat away the flies and birds that also want to eat our oversized burrito. Yeah let's sit outide while my beautiful, ice cold 2 liter of cola becomes nothing but black uncarbonated mess. Yeah let's ignore one of the greatest inventions in our lifetime: MAN MADE AIR CONDITIONING. Yeah, let's ignore mother nature, and tell her to fuck off cause there is absolutely no way that a thunderstorm is going to come when we're eating outside.
So what you telling me is that you would rather eat a warm soggy oversized burrito destroyed by the effects of the weather and flies that just spent a good hour on a dog turd, flying onto your burrito, than to eat inside the nice, cool effects of man made air conditioning? Fuck you. I'm eating inside.


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