Friday, September 11, 2009

Me and My iphone......

They say it's rude to be on your phone and have a conversation. I agree with this......6 years ago. You see, it IS rude to talk on the phone and, lets say, order food or talk to another person. It's nearly impossible to do so. Notice how I say TALK on the phone. If you're talking on the phone and come to me and ask me what I think of Obamas Health Care Reform, I'm not going to give you the time for a response. I will leave you with your affairs via the phone. Now, as for playing, let's say, Alive 4 Ever on the iPhone or simply leveling up your characters on Xenonia (for those of your who aren't RPG videogame savvy, "leveling up a character" means the repeditive use of skills/moves/magic etc. to gain experience and make your character stronger for further levels.) you have to understand that human beings in the year 2009 and up can now 'gasp' do 2 things at once. Yes, I know it sounds crazy but just know that when I am in a setting with a group of people at a table that are all my good friends and I see you every day, I'm going to make my character stronger on my game while having a great conversation about why you got pulled over and beat by the police because you thought the officer was a man. Until you have a great piece of technology like the iphone, you'll never understand. I understand why those of you without life's big distraction like the iphone, dont understand. So I will be lenient with this blog and say, you just have to experience it to understand.


Anonymous said...

the person holding that iphone has very small hands.

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